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Legend is a unique app on iOS and Android that turns any text into beautiful animations. With Legend effects in the Video Creation API, you can create automatically amazing animated text videos, and do it at scale.

To make a Legend video, just select an animation style, color scheme and background - including photo or video backgrounds - and our API does the rest. String together multiple Legend videos easily with the XML Video Language.

50 Styles
25m Legends shared daily

Typography Choreography

With millions of downloads on iOS and Android, and a deep integration within Facebook Messenger, 25 million Legends are posted daily.

With Legend effects available in the Video Creation API, you can create amazing animated text videos automatically, and at scale.

More than 50 styles are available, combining animation, colors and background choices. Square or landscape, GIF or video output, it's up to you.

Combine Legends via XML, or add them to any API video project, for infinite creative possibilities.

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Our XML Video Language is a powerful, flexible way to edit videos programmatically.

Explore all the possibilities with our interactive documentation, and build your XML templates directly in our XML editor web app.

With our API, you can create a video from a definition written in SXML, our video description language. Control the finest details of editing via XML, with full access to the templates library of Replay and Legend API.

Legend, a unique app on iOS and Android, turns text into stunning animations. Now you can make Legend videos automatically via API.

Legend widgets can be integrated into any XML project. Just select an animation, color and background combo. Square or landscape output are supported.

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