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Replay, iOS App of the Year, is the gold standard of video editing on mobile. Now you can make Replay videos with our web API, automatically, using the same stunning effects and editing styles.

Applying a Replay editing style is a couple lines of XML, encapsulating all the editing intelligence of the App: photos and videos are cropped, trimmed, framed, filtered, transitions snap to the beat of the soundtrack, and so much more.

22 Editing Styles

Beautiful, intelligent editing

Replay styles + Stupeflix API = amazing videos automatically!

With Replay, for the first time ever, people could create professional quality videos instantly, with a few taps on their iPhone. Today, the Replay editing styles are available in the Stupeflix API.

To use a Replay style with the API, just use its XML Widget with a set of photos, videos, texts, captions, and a soundtrack… and you're done.

The Replay style will apply all the intelligence that makes amazing edits every time: photos are analyzed to detect faces, horizon and colors to frame them perfectly, beautiful effects and filters are applied, with transitions synced to the beat of your soundtrack.

Create a Replay video in a few lines of XML


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Our XML Video Language is a powerful, flexible way to edit videos programmatically.

Explore all the possibilities with our interactive documentation, and build your XML templates directly in our XML editor web app.

With our API, you can create a video from a definition written in SXML, our video description language. Control the finest details of editing via XML, with full access to the templates library of Replay and Legend API.

Replay is the gold standard of video editing on mobile. With the Replay editing styles available in the Supeflix API, any app can produce amazing videos automatically.

Check out Replay on iOS to see what it can do!

Create Replay videos automatically

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