Visit Cuba,
In 1 Click.

Ever been to Cuba? If not, Havana Club had a personalized video compaign to take you there. Blending stock footage with your Facebook Profile, adding visual effects and vintage filters, editing it all to salsa music... it took just one click to watch yourself star in this personalized music video.

From the licence plate reading your name, to your profile pic tatooed on someone's arm, Havana Club made impressive creative use of the power of our After Effects integration, complete with special fonts to mimic graffitis or hand writing.

All this awesomeness came out as a single click experience, with just seconds before the personalized video started playing, using the streaming preview feature of our Video Creation API.

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One Click Personalization

Havana Club leveraged its popular Facebook Page to drive fans to its personalized video creation web app.

With a single Facebook Login click, the Havana Club App pulled your name, profile picture, friends list and profile pictures, to create a unique and highly personal video starring you and your friends.

Showing a photo wall of friends as the last shot was a great move to drive engagement and virality after each view.

After Effects
Compositing Magic

Using After Effects was key to achieve such intricate blending of text and photos into the video composition. We worked closely with the client to optimize their After Effects projects, and keep rendering as fast as possible. It took just three weeks to get it all ready for production.

Having the most processing intensive shots at the end of the video helped keeping rendering faster than the video duration. This enabled Havana Club to use the streaming preview feature of the Video Creation API, where the output video starts streaming as soon as the first frames are rendered.

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Our XML Video Language is a powerful, flexible way to edit videos programmatically.

Explore all the possibilities with our interactive documentation, and build your XML templates directly in our XML editor web app.

With our API, you can create a video from a definition written in SXML, our video description language. Control the finest details of editing via XML, with full access to the templates library of Replay and Legend API.

Adobe After Effects is the leading software in animation and compositing. We are supporting the current Creative Cloud version.

We can transform your After Effects projects into custom XML Widgets you can use in API calls - Contact us for a quote. Get started with our After Effects documentation and guidelines, and download our validation script and sample files.

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