Jet Set Art Gallery Featuring Your Instagram Pics

In their "Red Bull: The Show" campaign, Red Bull offered Instagram users to be the star of their own art gallery opening. A TV broadcast reports on the red carpet event where art critics celebrate the photography of the user.

Each video was made automatically, on the fly, upon a user connecting their Instagram account. Through a clever integration of the Instagram and Stupeflix APIs, Red Bull produced over 200,000 videos for their fans.

The campaign used our After Effects pipeline to blend the user Instagram photos, username and friends into tracked and keyed footage.

Combining computer vision with the modular nature of our XML Video Language, each video featured scenes and commentary relevant to the user photos, producing convincing storytelling throughout each video.

149 XML Widgets
1.4m Story Combinations
200k Videos Produced

Making Your Instagram Show

Red Bull: The Show offered Instagram users to star as a critically acclaimed photography superstar. Your artistic sense is praised, your choices celebrated.

Once you connected your Instagram account, the app analyzed it to gather key information: your most liked picture, hashtags and filters used, as well as information about you, to make you front and center in the storytelling, and produce a highly personal video.

For instance, the Art Critic sequence had multiple variations, depending on how long you had been on Instagram.

After Effects
Production Value

Using After Effects was key to achieving such high production value. We worked closely with the client during production to make sure the shoot matched our specs, and helped optimize After Effects compositing to get render times as fast as possible.

All shots featured tracking, and some featured masking, which requires more processing power. To optimize latency, the storyboard avoided masking in the first few shots, keeping rendering time within the output video duration.


Programatic Struture

Red Bull took full advantage of our modular XML Video Language, tailoring the experience to each user.

While most UGC campaigns integrate user assets into a fixed template, our programmatic, modular video editing flow enables dynamic scenario, to make personalized videos more relevant, more emotional.

Taking into account the user language, account creation date, and selecting the most impactful assets for the storytelling produced a more immersive experience.

The RSVP list shot shows the user Instagram friends. In other scenes, the script refers to specific hashtags or filters.

Red Bull Video Structure

Only a few shots where common to all produced videos. Most had variations based on extracted metadata.

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Our XML Video Language is a powerful, flexible way to edit videos programmatically.

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With our API, you can create a video from a definition written in SXML, our video description language. Control the finest details of editing via XML, with full access to the templates library of Replay and Legend API.

Adobe After Effects is the leading software in animation and compositing. We are supporting the current Creative Cloud version.

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